ABACGives Part 2: Supporting Team Jake and the fight against pediatric and rare cancers

I realize now that I should have titled my post from last week ABACGives Part 1: Why I added a division devoted to giving back, because there is more to the ABACGives story than one Fitzer’s Corner post can cover….

As part of my initiative to give back to those who have helped ABAC grow, this coming year, ABAC will ride in the Cycle for Survival on Team JakeCycle for Survival raises rare cancer research money for Memorial Sloan Kettering. 100% of every dollar raised goes directly to rare cancer research led by MSK within six months of the events.  Last year $1,000,000 of the funds raised from Cycle for Survival went to pediatric cancer research (check out the other funding allocations from the 2016 ride here), which leads us to Team Jake.

Team Jake celebrates and honors Jake, a pediatric cancer survivor, and the son of Gallite and Joshua Kestler. Jake is going on his 5th year cancer free.

Gallite is a behavior analyst and was one of our first ABACLive webinar participants. She attended many our events during the past two years and is one of our biggest supporters. When Gallite reached out to me about one of our events in early 2015, she mentioned that I might know her husband Josh. Turns out Josh and I were in the same year in high school, carpooled for years and attended SAT class together. I knew about their son’s battle with cancer because Josh and I were connected on Facebook years before I ever met Gallite.  When I decided on having an ABACGives program early in 2016, she was the first person I reached out to.

ABACGives will support Team Jake in a few ways.
1. The company will donate money monthly until February 4, 2017 to help reach our initial goal of $750.
2. I will ride with the team along with ABAC’s biggest supporter, my husband Adam Fitzer.
3. We will encourage ABAC employees, guest speakers, webinar participants, and friends to donate money to Team Jake.
4. In addition to donating money, I will present a webinar in January (or early February) and donate 100% of the profit to Team Jake.
This is our first ABACGives fundraising initiative and we are proud to be able to support one of the first members of the ABAC Community and her family.*
Check out the ABAC Team Jake donation page (It wouldn’t let me put The Applied Behavior Analysis Center so it says my name).

*I would be remiss if I did not to point out that money from the 2016 ride also went to researching Hemotological Cancers. On a personal note, we have friends who have hemotological cancers and we have lost a very special person in our family not so long ago to hemotological cancer. This ride and the Cycle for Survival mission is pretty amazing and I am glad we are now a part of it.

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