How do I log in to a webinar? You will receive a document that explains how to log-in to the live webinar and how to access handouts and the recording via email after you register. We strongly suggest registering ahead of time so you do not need to do it right before the event.

What type of continuing education credit hours are you approved to issue? Check out the current list here

How much do your live webinars cost? Our live webinars cost anywhere from $0 to $270 USD as of June 2017. We offer a 60% off discount to registered family members of individuals with life-altering diagnoses and have offered financial assistance to professionals in some circumstances. We also have a generous group discount program, special discounts exclusively for mailing list members, and opportunities to purchase bundles of webinars at discounted prices.

What technology do I need to view the webinar? You need a computer or smart phone or tablet that supports Webex.

I registered and paid for the webinar. Now what? Once you register for a webinar, you are added to the registration list, and you will receive a confirmation email and receipt via email. At the bottom of that receipt you will find your log-in information, a link to our cancellation, missed webinar, and grievance policies, and a handy step-by-step “How-to log-in” guide.

I am a parent of an individual with special needs but am also need continuing education credit. Can I get the parent discount and earn CEs or is it just one or the other? Parents of individuals with special needs who also need continuing education credit are eligible for the discount and the CEs.

I can’t make the webinar time. Do you record them so I can watch it at another time? Yes!! NEW IN 2017- The ABACAccess program. Check each webinar individually to see how long the recording is available for.

Yikes! I signed up for a webinar but my schedule changed and I can’t attend now. What are my options? If you are unable to attend a webinar, please email Adrienne at adrienne@abacnj.com as soon as possible. We do not accept cancellations that come in within 1 hour of the webinar start time. If you contact us before, we are happy to move you into another webinar or issue a refund. As of June 1, 2016 we will no longer allow transfers to other classes if you miss the webinar.

Oh no, I missed the webinar! What can I do? Please pay attention to the time zone differences. All webinar times are eastern standard time. You must adjust your schedule to accommodate time differences. As of July 15, 2015, refunds will not be given for missed webinars or cancellations that are received within 1-hour of a webinar start time. We can no longer offer transfers to other classes if you miss the webinar. As of June 1, 2016 we will no longer allow transfers to other classes if you miss the webinar.

How do I get a certificate of completion? During our webinars we will both show, and read, attendance codes. You must write these down and submit them at the end of the webinar. You will also be asked to answer questions. Once we determine that you attended the webinar we will issue a certificate of completion. Certificates of completion are sent within FIVE business days. If you do not submit the attendance codes we will not issue a certificate of completion. No refund will be issued for insufficient submission of codes or failure to answer questions correctly. This policy is announced at the beginning of every webinar.

Do I have to take a post-test? Yes. To get Credit you need to pass your post-test. Passing = 80%.

Is there an opportunity to ask questions? Yes, our webinars offer Q & A opportunities. 

Can I access the slides used during the event? When possible we try to offer slides as handouts (without attendance codes and sometimes modified by the speakers) to our participants at the beginning before events. In some cases, our presenters do not allow us to send out handouts. In those cases, we will do our best to provide you with a resource list and other resources.

Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities

Our webinars are available to anyone who is able to access the internet. For those who are vision impaired attendance codes are read out loud and graphs and videos are described verbally. For those who require it,  our webinar platform allows for closed-captioning. For more information, contact us at info@abacnj.com.

Confidentiality Policy

ABAC strives to maintain the confidentiality of our participants and their clients. To maintain confidentiality we:

  • We contract our website security to a website security company that specializes in the prevention of malicious attacks and protects our participants’ addresses and phone numbers.
  • We do not collect credit card information. All electronic payments go through Paypal or, as of April 1, 2016 a secure credit card gateway. Full card numbers are not retained.
  • All feedback is delivered to presenters absent of names or other identifying information.
  • Beginning November, 2015 participants will  give feedback confidentially.
  • Access to attendance code submissions, answers to quiz questions, or other information submitted by participants may be accessed only by employees and interns of ABAC, LLC for the purposes of issuing certificates of completion.
  • When questions are relayed to presenters during our events, we do not share who asked the question and participant names are hidden from view of the audience during webinars.
  • We request that when participants have the opportunity to discuss a client issue, they do not share any identifying information.