Postponed. ABACGives Winter Webinar: Radical behaviorism: What every practitioner needs to know Part 1 –February 14, 2018

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ABACGives is proud to present

Radical Behaviorism:

What Every Practitioner Needs to Know Part 1

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Presented by: Ruth Anne Rehfeldt, PhD, BCBA-D

Date: February 14, 2018 Time: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm eastern Recording Information: ABACAccess5

Part 2 will be announced for the Spring Session as soon as we have a date!

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Continuing Education:

Certified Behavior Analysts/Licensed Behavior Analysts: 3 Type II CEUs Live or recorded webinar

Psychologists: TBD Live webinar only

Nurses, Social Workers/Certified Counselors- Continuing education not available

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[pane title=”Abstract and Learning Objectives”]

This 3-hour webinar will explore the historical antecedents and conceptual underpinnings of Radical Behaviorism, with an eye towards their relevance for those working clinically in the field. The workshop will include, but not be limited to, a discussion of the philosophical and scientific antecedents for Radical Behaviorism, the distinction between Methodological and Radical Behaviorism, private events, verbal behavior, and the role of physiology in the analysis of behavior. Importantly, the workshop will provide a strong justification for why practicing behavior analysts should be familiar with the field’s conceptual underpinnings. Contemporary views on the main tenets of Radical Behaviorism, such as those provided by Functional Contextualism, will also be provided.


Learning Objectives:

  • After attending this event participants should be capable of doing the following upon conclusion of the workshop:
  • Distinguish between methodological and radical behaviorism.
  • Explain how functional contextualism builds upon radical behaviorism
  • Articulate the radical behaviorist’s stance on verbal behavior, private events, physiological processes, and more, particularly as it relates to clinical practice.
  • Describe the historical antecedents in the fields of philosophy and science that led up to the emergence of behaviorism.



[pane title=”Schedule”]


10:00 am: Introduction
10:05 am: Pretest
10:10 am: Presentation begins
11:30 am: 10 minute break
11:40 am: First Q&A Session- submit questions via chat
11:50 am: Presentation resumes
12:45 pm: Q&A submit questions for chat
1:00 pm: Posttest, Evaluation and submit attendance codes



[pane title=”Speaker Information”]

Dr. Rehfeldt holds a BA in psychology from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA (1993), and masters and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Nevada (1998 graduation), where she was a student of Dr. Linda J. Hayes. Dr. Rehfeldt has published nearly 100 articles and book chapters in behavior analysis. Her expertise focuses specifically upon basic and applied investigations of verbal behavior and derived stimulus relations. She recently co-edited a book with Yvonne Barnes-Holmes entitled “Derived Stimulus Relations Applications for Learners with Autism and other Developmental Disorders: A Progressive Guide for Change. Dr. Rehfeldt is the editor or The Psychological Record, a journal founded by J. R. Kantor in 1937 and for which B. F. Skinner was one of the first editorial board members. She is or has been an editorial board member for a number of journals, including Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy, and the European Journal of Behavior Analysis. Dr. Rehfeldt and her students have delivered over 200 conference presentations over the years. Ruth Anne was the co-founder, program chair, and past President of the Mid-American Association for Behavior Analysis. Ruth Anne has been awarded the Rehabilitation Institute Teacher of the Year award several times. She was the Teacher of the Year for the College of Education and Human Services during 2006 and, in 2010, was awarded the Researcher of the Year Award for the College of Education and Human Services.

Ruth Anne’s current research interests include verbal behavior and derived stimulus relations, which she primarily focuses upon the population of adults with intellectual disabilities and young typically-developing children.

Presenter Disclosure Statement:

Dr. Rehfeldt does not have a financial arrangement or affiliation with any of the products, organizations, or programs mentioned during this talk. Dr. Rehfeldt receives speaker fees for presenting ABACLive webinars but does not receive speaker fees for presenting ABACGives events. Speaker fees are donated directly to the charity or non-for-profit organization of their choice.




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