ABACGives Summer 2018: Acceptance and Commitment Training for Learners with Autism: A Primer for Behavioral Health and Education Professionals – Wednesday 7/11/18 – am

Acceptance and Commitment Training for Learners with Autism: A Primer for Behavioral Health and Education Professionals

Presented by: Dr. Ruth Anne Rehfeldt

Date: Wednesday,  July 11, 2018  Time10:00 am- 12:00 pm eastern

Recording Information: ABACAccess5

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Continuing Education:

Behavior Analysts: 2 Type II CEUs -live or recorded event

Psychologists: 2 continuing education hours- live or recorded event only

Nurses: NA

Social Workers: 2 Clinical continuing education hours Level: Intermediate. Live event only

Certified Counselors: 2 continuing education hours Area: Counseling theory/practice- live event only

Teachers: Acquire professional development hours for watching this event. Discuss the event with your supervisor to determine if it is eligible.

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A dedicated recording link will be sent to you via email the day after the live webinar.
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You have 5 days to view the recording starting the day it is sent. Read your email carefully. The date and time the recording will be taken offline will be indicated clearly.
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BCBAs can get CEs for watching the live webinar or the recording
Psychologists will be able to get CEs for watching the live webinar or the recording beginning July 2018. We have home-study approval but we are making sure all processes are in place before we introduce the option.
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Plan accordingly. NO refunds or transfers will be issued for missed webinars.

If you have any technical difficulties, a family emergency, or fall ill during the period the recording is available notify us immediately. You will NOT be granted a refund or transfer if you notify us after the 5 day viewing period that you did not view the event due to technical issues.

(Extreme circumstances due to natural disasters, hospitalization, or death of a spouse, partner, or child will be addressed on an individual basis and we will work with anyone in those situation to make sure they gain access to the recording at a later date when they are ready).



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[pane title=”Abstract and Learning Objectives”]


Professionals from a behavioral orientation that work with individuals with autism and related disorders may not have been taught to account for the role of private events in intervening on the behavior of clients, staff, and parents. The webinar will explore the concept of psychological flexibility and inflexibility and how it may be a frequent private experience in highly verbal individuals with developmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities (and those that live and work with them). During this interactive webinar designed for behavior analysts, psychologists, teachers, and other team members, Dr. Ruth Anne Rehfeldt will examine the core processes involved in Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT), including the role of relational responding in psychological flexibility and inflexibility, highlight research that demonstrates the ways professionals might incorporate components of ACT into their more traditional ABA programming, and provide exercises for the audience to participate in. Social workers and counselors interested in using mindfulness with highly verbal individuals with developmental disabilities may find this webinar an excellent introduction into the background and a primer for future continuing education


Learning Objectives:


1. Participants should be able to describe psychological flexibility and inflexibility

2. Participants should be able to list the core components of ACT and describe how they may be implemented with individuals with developmental disorders

3. Participants will recognize the procedures and outcomes of key research studies on the efficacy of ACT with this population.  



[pane title=”Schedule”]


10:00 am: Introduction
10::05 am: Pretest
10:10 am: Live webinar begins
11:45 am: Q & A session- submit questions via chat function
12:00 pm: Submit attendance codes, take post-test, and fill out confidential evaluation form



[pane title=”Speaker Information”]


Dr. Rehfeldt holds a BA in psychology from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA (1993), and masters and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Nevada (1998 graduation), where she was a student of Dr. Linda J. Hayes. Dr. Rehfeldt has published nearly 100 articles and book chapters in behavior analysis. Her expertise focuses specifically upon basic and applied investigations of verbal behavior and derived stimulus relations. She recently co-edited a book with Yvonne Barnes-Holmes entitled “Derived Stimulus Relations Applications for Learners with Autism and other Developmental Disorders: A Progressive Guide for Change. Dr. Rehfeldt is the editor or The Psychological Record, a journal founded by J. R. Kantor in 1937 and for which B. F. Skinner was one of the first editorial board members. She is or has been an editorial board member for a number of journals, including Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy, and the European Journal of Behavior Analysis. Dr. Rehfeldt and her students have delivered over 200 conference presentations over the years. Ruth Anne was the co-founder, program chair, and past President of the Mid-American Association for Behavior Analysis. Ruth Anne has been awarded the Rehabilitation Institute Teacher of the Year award several times. She was the Teacher of the Year for the College of Education and Human Services during 2006 and, in 2010, was awarded the Researcher of the Year Award for the College of Education and Human Services.

Ruth Anne’s current research interests include verbal behavior and derived stimulus relations, which she primarily focuses upon the population of adults with intellectual disabilities and young typically-developing children.


Dr. Rehfeldt does not have a financial arrangement or affiliation with any of the products, organizations, or programs mentioned during this talk. Dr. Rehfeldt receives speaker fees for presenting ABACLive webinars but does not receive speaker fees for presenting ABACGives events. Speaker fees are donated directly to the charity or non-for-profit organization of their choice.




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