ABACLive Cambridge Center Series Presents Kent Johnson, PhD: Instructional Design: Component-Composite Analysis and Concept Analysis 02/20/18 6:30 pm eastern

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Date: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm eastern Recording Information: ABACAccess5

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[pane title=”Abstract and Learning Objectives”]
In this webinar I will introduce participants to two key protocols for designing effective instruction: component-composite analysis and concept analysis. These procedures are vital when pre-existing, research-based programs are not available to teach your learners important instructional objectives. For example, no research-based programs currently exist to teach vocabulary or written composition effectively to elementary and middle school students. For students with disabilities, while VB-MAPP provides an normative analysis and sequence for language assessment, no effective program exists to teach them. Component-composite analysis procedures break down higher level, real-world, composite performances into their components and tool skills, which guide the teacher to the appropriate place to begin instruction based on the learner’s entering behavior. I will provide many examples of component-composite analysis, and identify key areas for completing component-composite analyses in reading, writing and math. Concept analysis procedures identify the critical and variable features of a concept, which in turn provide a prescription of the range of examples and close-in non-examples you will need to teach and assess a concept.

Learning​ ​Objectives:

1. When presented with component-composite analyses, participants will be able to identify those that are completed correctly, and will be able to edit incorrect examples to make them correct.
2. Participants will complete a component-composite analysis of one or more learning objectives that they currently teach.
3. When presented with a list of instructional tasks, participants will be able to identify those that illustrate conceptual behavior.
4. Learners will be able to describe 7 steps for teaching a concept (conceptual behavior).

[pane title=”Schedule”]
6:30 pm: Introduction
6:35 pm: Pretest
6:40 pm: Presentation begins
8:15 pm: Q&A submit questions for chat
8:30 pm: Posttest, Evaluation and submit attendance codes
[pane title=”Speaker Information”]

Dr. Kent Johnson founded Morningside Academy, in Seattle, Washington, in 1980, and currently serves as its Executive Director. Morningside is a laboratory school for elementary and middle school children and youth. Morningside investigates effective curriculum materials and teaching methods, and has provided training and consulting in instruction to over 140 schools and agencies throughout the USA and Canada since 1991.

Dr. Johnson has served in all the positions at Morningside, including classroom teacher for 10 years, financial manager, administrator, teacher trainer, school psychologist and school consultant. He has published many seminal papers and books about research-based curriculum and teaching methods, including The Morningside Model of Generative Instruction: What It Means to Leave No Child Behind, with Dr. Elizabeth Street. The Morningside Model focuses upon foundation skills in reading, writing, mathematics, thinking, reasoning, problem solving, studying core content, and project-based learning. Over 50,000 students and over two thousand teachers have used the Morningside Model of Generative Instruction. Dr. Johnson is also a co-founder of Headsprout, Inc., a company that develops web-based, interactive, cartoon-driven instructional programs, including Headsprout Early Reading and Headsprout Reading Comprehension. Examine them at www.headsprout.com

Dr. Johnson is recipient of the 2001 Award for Public Service in Behavior Analysis from the Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis, the 2010 Edward L. Anderson Award in Recognition for Exemplary Contributions to Behavioral Education from the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies, the 2009 Ernie Wing Award for Excellence in Evidence-based Education from the Wing Institute, the 2006 Allyn and Bacon Exemplary Program Award from the Council for Exceptional Children, Division for Learning Disabilities, and the 2011 Ogden R. Lindsley Lifetime Achievement Award in Precision Teaching from the Standard Celeration Society.

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